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PR agencies are set up to provide positive image to the client by building a brand and providing the best of the services. Blink Communication is in the process of getting to the heights by providing the excellent services all over India. We assure our clients that we approach our project with the right message, and the PR Strategy, as the starting points-regardless of the media.

brand Building
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You've created a Facebook page; you're regularly tweeting; you're sending out a weekly ezine. And yet many of you are still holding back from diving into a sustained public relations campaign to catapult your brand.

Brand Building is like training for a marathon. You don't just get on the trail and expect your body and legs to carry you for twenty-six miles on the first day out. The same is true of your marketing efforts. We subscribe to a number of newsletters with various marketing messages. In order to build a sustainable brand, you need to engage in sustained marketing activities.

Public relations is critically important to branding; perhaps even its most important element. This is because PR is the primary architect and facilitator of stakeholder engagement, its brief being to be concerned about both the organisation and its stakeholders – their knowledge, opinions and behaviour.

When clients come to work with us, we start them off with local media opportunities so they can build up their comfort level; put together a media reel; and work their way up to national press. Resulting, creating BRANDS…

Event management
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PR events are the most effective tool to communicate with media, partners and customers face-to-face, creating direct impact and collect immediate feedback. Event Management is all about keeping an eye on details and running through checklists, time and again, to ensure timely delivery of the expected results. The formation of an excellent idea, the ability to develop a cost-effective program, manage the total planning and logistics, get the right audience and maximize their satisfaction, thus driving real returns calls for more than a simple event manager.

Blink Communications Event Management Team helps its clients to manage their events right the from concept development stage through post-event follow-ups, by providing support in any, or all the activities mentioned below:

  • Communication strategy
  • Program development
  • Events planning
  • Budget development and management
  • VIP/Celebrity/Speaker invitation
  • Event collateral editing, design and production
  • Attendee promotion and management
  • SI/Translation service
  • Venue management
  • Sub-contractors management
  • AV/Staging
  • Exhibit design and production
  • Exhibition logistics and management
  • Booth management, presentation and performance
Media Relations
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Developing effective relations with media outlets is the key for successful PR strategy. Typically, this means coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media. The goal of media relations is to maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising.

Media relations refer to the relationship that a Blink will create between a companies or organization develops and journalists. BLINK also extends that relationship beyond the media to the general public.

Dealing with the media presents unique challenges in that the news media cannot be controlled, they have ultimate control over whether stories pitched to them are of interest to their audiences. Therefore, the ongoing relationship between an organization and the news media is vital.

Media mointoring
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BLINK keeps the track on media coverage for all the sectors to keep the clients updated about the industry which they belong. A media monitoring service provides clients with documentation, analysis, or copies of media content of interest to the clients.  We monitor print and electronic and online media on every day basis. We have a separate media monitoring department, which maintains the record of the coverage.

Crisis management
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A Crisis management plan is necessary because news and information is traveling faster than ever. Companies must be able to quickly answer questions and allegations about looming crisis.

There are more examples of organizations getting crisis management wrong than doing it right. When crisis strikes, most companies are unprepared and poorly handle the situation. Organizations might try stonewalling the situation, toughing it out or pretending the crisis will pass, but they only make the situation worse. Organizations who waste valuable time at the beginning of a crisis can expect to see a loss in revenue and plummeting stock prices.

Blink Communications helps clients survive and even benefit from an array of crisis situations. This range from product recalls, workforce layoffs and work-related accidents and deaths to plant closings, regulatory crackdowns and environmental issues.

Editorial Services
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Blink Communications has a separate copywriting department which offers a full range of public relations writing and editorial services. Our team of professional writers has the time, talent, focus and mindset required to create compelling PR copy for our clients and though at times the medium is indeed the message, we approach each project with the message, and the PR strategy, as the starting points – regardless of the media.

  • To enhance market positioning with company and expert vision and leadership on topical issues of interest
  • To make a hero of client products, services, or solutions
  • To capture headlines – and awareness – with hard-hitting, relevant announcements of the latest in company and solution news
  • To deliver the larger, more complex picture and details to a wide variety of interested audiences
  • To demonstrate the bottom-line benefits and the "how we did it" of specific customer solution implementations

Regardless of the editorial services assignment, we guarantee that we'll create content that not only is on-target, thoughtful, supports the premise with bullet proof detail, but delivers the strategic message by capturing interest among those who count – and drives the desired action.

Typical public relations writing and editorial services include:

  • Application studies
  • Client and customer case studies
  • Feature articles and technical articles
  • News releases and press releases
  • Newsletters & e-Newsletters
  • Opinion pieces
  • Press kits (traditional, digitized, or online)
  • As well as customized editorial services, as required, by client, application, strategy, or message
Online PR
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Online PR

Blink Communications will generate buzz online. 

Syndicated Press Releases

If its an official message or new product launch you have, a formal press release might do the trick.  With a little extra effort we can tweak your release to get improved pickup by sites that syndicate such releases.  Placement on a site like Yahoo News can mean huge traffic gains.  Online press releases can also generate search engine traffic via Google News and other news feed search engines. 

Article Marketing

Like old-school bylined article placement in print publications, the web has its own form of article marketing.  This is a great way to brand yourself or your firm's executive as an expert in the field.  Plus, its a great way to get more traffic and sales inquiries.  We can help you create the content and get it placed on the right sites.

Online Reputation Management

What are the top 10 Google results when someone searches on your name or the name of your company?, which can help ensure the good stuff overshadows the bad stuff.

Social Media optimization
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When 93% of your target audience lives, eats and breathes social media, you cannot afford not to have a dedicated social media strategy that includes social media tools, networking sites and communities to create a buzz about your product. Social media optimization builds bridges between brands and customers, starts enduring conversations about brands in the Internet ecosystem to garner greater and more comprehensive brand visibility. Blink Communications, specializes in social media optimization, strategy and social media marketing. We work as catalysts to push your message out into the social media stratosphere where it is appropriated and carried forward by the social media natives - the millions of users who rely upon social media to power their lives.

Corporate PR
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Corporate public relations raise awareness of a company and builds confidence. It is important when a company has undergone change or is entering new markets. It can also overcome problems of poor reputation.

The corporate reputation is the way a company is perceived by customers, suppliers, and other important groups. A Corporate public relations stresses the positive aspects of an organization and seeks to correct any misunderstandings.

At Blink, we consider all aspects of corporate communications such as reputation management, crisis and issues management, brand building and positioning, product and brand launches and re-branding exercises.

Technology PR
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Disruptive technologies are positively impacting the world in which we live, creating new wealth and reshaping economic and social policy.

Having clear messages and public relations programs in place that enable technologists, scientists and other experts to distinctly articulate their vision can not only help them become industry leaders and advance their technologies, but provides organizations with a voice in the marketplace of ideas, facts, and viewpoints to aid informed public debate.

Most all of today's technologies rely on public awareness and support. If people misunderstand the value of technologies, entities will struggle for support. Jobs will be eliminated, budgets cut, and support will be directed elsewhere.

Public relations campaigns have the potential to turn possibilities into favorable actions. And executives are well advised to put their words in someone else's mouth.

Health Care PR
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Healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country. Medical tourism is on the boom. Blink Communications has a long-established record of providing superior counsel and strategic planning to global Healthcare providers pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and government agencies. In a rapidly changing marketplace, we apply our skills and experience to help clients navigate every twist and turn, generating meaningful and measurable results.

Healthcare PR is handling the internal and external communications for a health care facility. It includes interacting with physicians, nurses, managers, administrators, and patients and getting out something that interests the layman. The most important function of ours is handling all communications with the public. We organize events between the organization and the public by publishing press releases and inviting the press.

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Celebrity management or PR is how to add the glam quotient of an event with a celebrity or artist. We at Blink communications manage a celebrity promotional event for a particular product or film, store launch or ribbon-cutting ceremony, parties where celebrities are the centre of attraction with style and ease as we have experiences in holding such big bashes with professionalism since a long time.

Artist Management is yet another area where we provide end-to-end services – right from artist selection for a particular event, artist coordination, management and execution of the entire event. we coordinate with some of the most outstanding performers in India in the fields of voiceover, spokespersons, hosts and actors, guest stars, co-stars, female models, male models, Club DJ's, singers – male and female Singers, Master of Ceremonies (MC's),mainstream artists etc

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Lifestyle PR represents a vast variety of industries, products and services that operate within niche markets. We expertise for Luxury Lifestyle PR lies in developing communication strategies that highlight the unique qualities of our clients and using a creative mix of editorial, promotional and marketing activities to tap into these niche markets. Lifestyle PR includes Interiors, Restaurants, lounges, Luxury brands etc.

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Practicing Public Relations for educational institution is entirely different. When it comes to education, you will not find a more experienced team of PR and marketing experts than Blink Communications. We provide the educational sector everything from PR to advertising services, direct mail to event management and publications to brand creation and development.