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Media vehicles

In a media plan, each media vehicle has significance and a role to play. Having the right mix of vehicles ensures meeting the objective of the campaign right.

When you want to convey any message to people then you will have to choose a specific medium, so you choose a media vehicle. These are those carriers, which carry the message to deliver it to people.

In this competitive world, many media vehicles are available like Television, Radio, Newspapers and Online media like Internet portals, Outdoor media like hoardings, pamphlets, direct mails, billboards, etc.

Depending on one's need and budget, these media vehicles are chosen. The term media vehicles encompass the selection and combination of specific programs, publications and displays in which advertising may be placed.

Media options available in India are-

Print Media- Newspapers , magazines and journals

Broadcast Media– Television and Radio

Online Media– Blogs, Social media optimization

New Media- Internet and Short Message Service (SMS)